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  • Sku: 4052w
  • Vendor: Alcatel

Alcatel Go Flip 3 Black 4GB 4052w (GSM Unlocked) Flip Phone - for Senior Easy Use

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Product description

The Alcatel Go Flip 3 is a modern take on the classic flip phone, offering a perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and modern features. Designed for users who prefer the convenience of a flip phone with the added benefits of today's technology, the Go Flip 3 provides a user-friendly experience for communication and everyday tasks. With its compact design, intuitive interface, and essential features, the Alcatel Go Flip 3 is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and easy-to-use mobile device.

Key Specifications:

  1. Design:

    • Form Factor: Flip phone with a compact and ergonomic design
    • Dimensions: Perfectly sized for comfortable handling and portability
    • Weight: Lightweight construction for effortless carrying
    • Construction: Durable plastic body with a sleek and modern design
  2. Display:

    • Main Display: 2.8-inch QVGA internal display for clear viewing of texts, menus, and photos
    • External Display: Small external display for quick access to notifications and caller ID
  3. Performance:

    • Processor: Efficient processor for smooth navigation and performance
    • RAM: Adequate RAM for handling essential tasks and applications
    • Storage: Internal storage for contacts, messages, and multimedia files
  4. Battery:

    • Battery Capacity: Long-lasting battery for extended usage
    • Talk Time: Provides extended talk time to keep conversations going
    • Standby Time: Offers prolonged standby time for staying connected throughout the day
  5. Camera:

    • Rear Camera: Integrated 2MP rear camera for capturing quick photos and videos
    • Front Camera: Not available
  6. Connectivity:

    • Network: 4G LTE connectivity for fast internet browsing and downloading
    • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi connectivity for accessing wireless networks and hotspots
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth support for wireless connectivity with compatible devices
    • GPS: GPS functionality for navigation and location-based services
  7. Software:

    • Operating System: Customized operating system optimized for efficiency and usability
    • Pre-installed Apps: Essential applications for communication, productivity, and entertainment
    • App Store: Access to a curated selection of apps for additional functionality
  8. Additional Features:

    • Physical Keypad: Tactile keypad for easy typing and navigation
    • Dedicated Keys: Quick access keys for essential functions such as calls and messages
    • Accessibility Features: Large fonts, enhanced audio, and hearing aid compatibility
    • Expandable Storage: MicroSD card slot for additional storage capacity

The Alcatel Go Flip 3 offers a modern take on the classic flip phone, providing essential features and modern conveniences in a compact and user-friendly package. Ideal for users who value simplicity, reliability, and functionality in their mobile devices.

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